Record Live DJ Shows

How To Record:

  • You can record your all DJs live shows to an MP3 file and you can also download them from your SonicPanel clients, so you can re-upload them and use in playlists as well.
  • Login to your SonicPanel clients, use 'Manage AutoDJ' link from the left menu, enable/disable 'Record Live DJ Shows' on the form, choose record quality and save the changes.
  • Once your DJ is on air, the show will be recorded under your radio account as an MP3 file and it will use your available hosting space. Long shows can use too much space, 500MB to 1GB, especially if the record quality option is set to 320kbps.

How To Download/Delete Records:

  • Login to your SonicPanel clients, use 'List/Download DJ Shows' link from the left menu.
  • Download and then delete the recorded live shows on the page to decrease your hosting space usage if necessary.

Can DJs Download Their Own Shows:

  • Yes! Every DJ can download their own recorded live show from their DJPanel (2080) after the show is completed. It is on the left menu, 'List/Download DJ Shows'
  • As a radio owner, if you delete the recorded show from the SonicPanel, then the DJ cannot download the show, the same file is used.

 All recorded live DJ shows are automatically deleted every first day(01) of the month at 23:59. 

 If you exceed your available hosting limit, you won't be able to upload MP3 files to your playlists anymore until you delete some mp3 files or recorded live dj show files. So check your hosting space usage from time to time, you can find detailed space usage on the SonicPanel left menu, 'View Disk/HDD Usage'

  • Record Live DJ Shows
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