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Welcome to Webradio-Hosting

If you have something to say, If you want to share new ideas, if you want to provide wonderful and magical moments for people around you or around the planet with quality music, Webradio hosting gives you the wings needed to accomplish all these things.

We offer everything you need to start a professional radio station:

Do you need an affordable streaming server or a website for your radio station? Now you are in good hands! Here you can find a complete automation platform, you can have complete control of your station without downloading any software. With our professional Radio Hosting services You can get auto dj, ftp access, automatic stream monitoring, Domain name registration service and free web hosting. We offer you 99% server uptime, so START broadcasting today !!!
Shoucast, icecast radio

Your next level to start you radio station with the new Centova Cast v.3

Create Unlimited DJ's, Playlists, Web Based Uploads and much more!

Centova v3 is by far the most advanced and professional server based auto dj system on the market, if used with SHOUTcast server v2, Centova v3 includes automated song requests, live dj's are assigned their own, unique username/password for their "live" events, Centova v3 will detect the live dj has connected and automatically switch from auto dj to live - SEAMLESSLY!

Free app creation for our radio hosting servers

Any customer who buy one of our radio hosting servers is entitled to a free Android and iOS application.
This addon can be chosen when the customer order a new server or for those who have already purchased a server can opt for this addon from the Client Area.

  • Centova Cast V3 Info
  • Order Centova v3 + SHOUTcast v.2
  • Order Centova v3 + Icecast Server v2
    Android Apps

     A simple but powerful script for every radio station

    Order Your online Live Request script for interactive shows with your radio station listeners.
    Using this standalone script that can be installed on any web platform You can customize almost all its components.

    Android Apps

    Android Apps

     Order your Android & iOS App builder for your radio station

    Webradio Hosting provides you an opportunity to create your own mobile apps, through an online interface easy to use. No software to install. No coding required.

    RadioApps Creator is a webplatform for building mobile applications with no technical knowledge.

    Instead of spending months of time and thousands of dollars, you can make your app right now and do it without coding anything.

    - 100% native-code Android and iOS apps
    - Webradio Hosting publish your App on Google Play and iTunes App Store or you can publish it yourself
    - you can see in real time all the changes of your app with the app previewer
    Android Apps

    radio hosting

    SHOUTcast Server Icecast Server Centova Cast
    An unique offer on the web for Radio Hosting plans at an unprecedented prices.

    Shoutcast Server or Icescast server with Free Web Hosting !

    Centova Cast cPanel v.3.x with SHOUTCAST Sever v.2, Icecast v.2, WHM cPanel for Free Web Hosting with a lot of possibilities.

    Now, in this great offer, we also include Free Android and iOS app creation addon for your radio hosting server.


    Web Hosting and Domain Name registration

    free web hosting

    WHM cPanel Need a Professional Website with an Easy to Use and Understand Web Based ADMIN Panel?
    Webradio Hosting offers the best quality cPanel Web Hosting in affordable cost.

    We provide Linux shared hosting plans starting from just €3/Month.

    Our hosting plans are complete, you will get unlimited bandwidth, databases, E-Mail accounts.

    All hosting plans include addon features to create and manage your websites.
    You get more than 422+ free php scripts which you can install in few clicks. Applications like Wordpress, Drupal, Mambo, phpBB Forum and lot more.

    Domain Registration

    Own your corner of the Web. Create your online presence with a personal or business domain name for your site. Our Domain Registration and Services:

  • Full WHOIS Control
  • Full DNS Control
  • A & MX Records Control
  • Domain Registrar Change
  • WHOIS / ID Protection
  • Domain Locking & EPP Key

  • Why Choose Us?
    All of our web hosting plans come with the following cool features!
    • Powerful Control Panel
    • Online Based Website Builder
    • 600 Free Website Templates
    • One Click Script Installer
    • Unlimited Email accounts
    • Unlimited MySQL Databases
    • Free Setup & Instant Activation


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