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Centova Cast v3.x Pro

Centova Cast v3 is the culmination of over 3 years of development. So much has changed that it's impractical to list every update here, but read on to learn more about the most significant changes in this release.

This new release brings a brand new, glossy user interface with plenty of animations and effects, which we hope will be easier on the eyes and more intuitive for newer users.
  • SHOUTcast v2 Server
  • New Album Cover Services
  • DJ Account Support
  • Multi-Language (English, EspaƱol, Portuguese, Dutch)
  • Statistics Improvements
  • Web-based File Management & mp3 Uploads
  • Automated Song Requests Widget
  • Multiple Mount Points / Individual autoDJ encoders
  • MP3 and/or AAC+
  • Crossfade Threshold & Crossfade Length Options
  • Google Maps Widget
  • Instant and Automated Upgrades/Downgrades

  • Centova v3 Dashboard

    You'll instantly feel in control of your stream when you first login to the new Centova Cast v3 SHOUTcast v2 Control Panel!
    From the built in media player to the jQuery currently playing track information which automatically refreshes when a new track plays, the new Centova v3 gives you complete control over your online radio station!

    Web-based File Management

    The addition of a brand new, AJAX-based file manager allows clients to upload, manage, and remove files without ever leaving the familiarity of their web browser.
    The new, multi-file upload system supports HTML5, Flash, and HTML4 (legacy) uploads, and will automatically select the best upload method depending on the capabilities of the client's browser.
    Immediate Playlist

    SHOUTcast v2 / Liquidsoap Support

    We have the support for the latest and advanced SHOUTcast streaming technology.
    The new transcoder Liquidsoap is fully integrated with the new AutoDj system on the newst Centova v.3.2.0 PRO control panel to provide the latest streaming experience for our users.
    One of its most important features is that there is no need to buy the license key to emit in mp3 as required when using sc_Trans v2.
    It is more stable and has a number of facilities in addition to sc_Trans 2.
    For this, Liquidsoap was integrated on Icecast v.2 servers too.
    With Liquidsoap, on both servers, Icecast v.2 and SHOUTcast v2, can be used mp3, AAC + and OGG streaming.

    DJ Account Support

    By popular request, Centova Cast now allows clients to create accounts for, and delegate specific permissions to, the DJs performing on their stations. Clients can grant access to as much or as little of their Centova Cast account as they desire.
    This system works with both the older SHOUTcast DNAS and the new v2 SHOUTcast - you can manage all your dj's and have complete control over their actions on your server.
    No need to install special scripts, no configuration required, have all your dj's set up and scheduled in no time!

    The new DJ Manager allows you to create a unique username and password for each of your dj's. There are 2 different ways your dj's can use their dj account,

    1. The dj will use their login details to connect to your server in their live source software (ie. Sam Broadcaster, WinAmp Broadcaster, Virtual DJ, Nicecast, etc.). This is, by far the most popular feature with Centova v3, even though the server is SHOUTcast v2, dj's are able to connect using either SHOUTcast v1 or SHOUTcast v2 method, this comes in handy for dj's that do not yet have SHOUTcast v2 compatable software.

    2. The dj can also use the same username and password you create for them to login to your Centova v3 control panel. You choose what the dj can do and when they can do it!

    3. Seamless & Automatic Switching! With Centova v3 your DJ's are able to easily connect to the server and begin their broadcast with a single click!
    Centova v3 will detect when a live source has connected and automatically switch from auto dj to live broadcast SEAMLESSLY! The transication is also seamless for the listener, if timed right by the DJ, they will never even realize the stream went from auto dj to live dj!
    When the dj is finished with his/her broadcast, they need only disconnect, Centova v3 will go back to auto dj and wait for the next DJ to come online. All that is required on the DJ's end is live source software such as the free Win Amp Broadcaster, the popular Sam Broadcaster, plus many more.

    Mountpoint / Multiple Bitrate Support

    Clients using SHOUTcast v2 or IceCast can now create multiple independent mount points through the Centova Cast web interface.
    This allows clients to rebroadcast their stream in multiple bit rates, or even broadcast multiple independent streams through a single SHOUTcast/IceCast server.

    ATTENTION! The summ of the different bit rate mountpoints can't exceed the total amount of your maximum bitrate of your purchased server.

    Attention !

    SHOUTcast DNAS v.2 server use now the LiquidSoap transcoder that allows broadcasting in mp3, AAC+ and OGG format free of charge!!

    With this new transcoder SHOUTcast v.2 don't requires any more the MP3 Broadcasting License Key!!

    Statistics Improvements

    The statistics system has been completely redesigned using AJAX to improve responsiveness and interactivity. Additionally, statistics are now displayed in the client's selected time zone, and are no longer limited to 60 days of history. Historical statistics can also be downloaded as spreadsheets.

    1. Listeners 2. Recent Activity 3. Listeners Country 4. Top Agents
    General Rotation
    Scheduled Playlist
    Immediate Playlist
    Interval Playlist

    New Album Cover Services

    Centova Cast can now integrate with the iTunes Store and last.fm to retrieve album covers, information, and purchase links. Each client can specify which services they want to retrieve album information from, and can prioritize the services to ensure that their preferred provider is always tried first.

    Song Request

    Automated Song Requests

    Give your listeners the option to requests any song in your library, Centova v3 will automatically play the requested song withing the time you set in your Centova Cast v3 Panel.

    Playlist Scheduling Features

    Centova Cast supports multiple playlists for each stream. Each playlist can be configured individually to control precisely how and when it will be played -- at a specific time, on a repeating schedule, or on a rotation schedule with support for ranking by popularity (known as "weighting").
    Play List Manager

    Four types of playlists are available, as described on the next four slides. Through a combination of the playlist types offered by Centova Cast, you can achieve total control over your media scheduling, and completely eliminate the need for expensive third-party source software to schedule your tracks.

    1. General Rotation 2. Scheduled Playlist 3. Immediate Playlist 4. Interval Playlist
    General Rotation
    Scheduled Playlist
    Immediate Playlist
    Interval Playlist

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