We would like to inform you that we have updated our Sonic Panel with the new version, before it officially appears.
This way you will be able to access some features as an early access.

The new features consist of:
- Shoutcast v2.6 update to DNAS 2.6.1 (Build 777)
Shoutcast v2.6 will now use the same standard radio port with SSL. So if there is a scv26 radio on port 8002, HTTPS and HTTP will work on the same port 8002
As a result, some ports may change.
Please check if the link used in your players on the websites has not changed.

- Custom SSL Play ID
The custom play ID is the SSL direct play with a custom name and without any ports, example https://domain.com/sonicfm/stream
NOTICE: Custom ID accepts only English and maximum of 17 characters.

- Youtube and Facebook features:
Youtube live stream feature broadcasts your radio music to Youtube live.
Facebook live stream feature broadcasts your radio music to Facebook live.

- Multiple Mount Points
You can add additional custom mount points to be able to stream with different bitrate and encoders. Mount points are automatically detected by the AutoDJ system and can be used for live streams as well.
The limit is up to 3 mount points to keep fair CPU usage on the server.

- HTML Codes (Widgets)
HTML Codes / Widgets are live automatic radio information JS scripts for your websites and projects. You can simply copy the html codes from this page and insert them into your website HTML codes to show them on your website. All elements are responsive and they are updated every 10 seconds automatically.

- JSON Output (PHP-API) A php API to be used from external websites etc.
The JSON Output API can be called from outside with your own API url below. You can get the following radio information online with your own programming language:
// Available Data Output
// Now Playing Song Title
// Now Playing Song Album Image URL (High Quality)
// Online Listeners
// Unique Listeners
// Bitrate
// DJ Username if there is a DJ live streaming
// DJ Profile Picture if there is a live streaming DJ
// Last played 20 songs

Saturday, April 30, 2022

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