Contact Activity

Contact Activities are designed to make it easy for users of your app to get in touch with you. You can decide what contact details to make available, but for the best results, give your users as many choices as possible. Choose from Phone, Email, Website and Address - each is interactive! Users can also easily add your information to their contacts with a single click.

Contact Information


Activity Name

The name that you want to give your activity. This will appear on the dashboard and on the Action bar. It can be whatever you want but should probably describe what it is used for. For example "Contact Us".


A few words describing this activity. This text may be displayed on the dashboard as a subtitle when it's Show Subtitle Text setting is enabled.


This is where you can select the icon that will be used to represent this activity on the dashboard. Click the 'Browse' button to select an image file.



This is used for the main heading. It can be your name, your company name or however you'd like to identify yourself. This value is optional.

Email Address

The contact email address to display. For example, Users can press the icon to the right of the email address to initiate an email message using the end user's chosen email client. This value is optional.

Website URL

The URL of your personal or company website. For example, Users can press the icon to the right of the URL to open it in the Android browser. This value is optional.

Street Address

The street address for you or your company as you would like it to appear. For example:

505 North Michigan Ave,
Chicago, IL 60611

Users can press the icon to the right of the address to show the location on a map. This value is optional.

Header Image

The header image you want to show. When viewed in portrait, this image is shown at the top of the activity filling its width, and is cropped if it exceeds a ratio of approximately 2:1. When viewed in landscape, this image is shown in the upper left hand corner with the text to the right of it. While smaller resolution images are supported, for best results on all device sizes, we recommend using an image with a width of at least 800 pixels, however 1200 pixels is optimal. Click the 'Browse' button to select an image file.

Phone (1-4)

Up to four optional contact telephone numbers for you or your company. A variety of formats are supported, however we recommend you include the country code such as: 1-212-555-1234. Users can press the icon to the right of each displayed telephone number to open it in the phone dialer. Each telephone number is optional.

Each telephone number has a corresponding type label. If one of the available types doesn't describe your number, you can select 'OTHER/CUSTOM' to specify a custom label.

Additional Details


The text for any additional information you'd like to show at the bottom of the page such as hours of operation, where to park, etc. This text area also supports the addition of the following HTML markup tags, <b>, <i>, <u>. Text containing URLs, email addresses, and telephone numbers will also be automatically converted to hyperlinks. The text color used for this text is the 'Primary Text' color on the 'Styles' tab. This value is optional.

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